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​Learn The Competitor Clean Keto Diet" And You Could Lose Up To 2 Pounds Per Day!*
From The Desk Of Kimberly Doehnert
Washington, DC
So, what is the Ketogenic (keto) Diet?

In simple terms, it's a diet that gets most of its calories from fat and only a small number of calories from carbohydrates.

Really, there are 2 basic versions of Keto people end up following... 

Clean or dirty.

The majority of people who try Keto end 
up doing it dirty because you can have processed foods like luncheon meats, bacon, and cheeses.
During this challenge, I'm going to teach you the secrets of Competitor Clean Keto that I discovered during contest prep and training women for the stage that will accelerate your fat loss by 75% or more!**
Before I share EVERYTHING YOU WILL GET IN thE "10-day keto kick start"...
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benefits of the 10-day KETO challenge...
  • Lose up to 2 pounds a day, drop inches, and pant sizes.
  •  Get into ketosis (the fat burning zone) quicker.
  •  Feel sexier and more confident than you ever have before. 
  •  Increased mental clarity and boosted energy levels. 
  •  Naturally shed water weight gained from overindulging. 
  •  Cut sabotaging food cravings by up to 90%. 
  •  Enjoy fat loss without sacrificing hard earned muscle. 
  •  Never have to starve yourself again to lose weight!
If You Want To Experience These Amazing Benefits, Then I'm Inviting You To Join The 10-Day Keto Challenge And Bust Through Plateaus...Like Never Before! 
"I created this challenge because alot of woman want to try Keto but they think you have to eat a bunch of cheese and bacon for it to work. My program teaches Competitor Keto (clean) which can boost your weight loss without affecting your overall healthy lifestyle. This powerful Keto Challenge helped me lose 15 pounds for my trip to Jamaica. Yea Mon!
WHY THIS KETO challenge is different...
Ketogenic Dieting Has 3 Critical Phases You Must Master To Lose Weight

  •  Phase 1 Pre-Keto: Follow a transitional diet to minimize the effects of the "Keto Flu"
  • Phase 2 Ketosis: Increase ketones in your body through diet & exercise to achieve ketosis
  • Phase 3 Post Keto: Transition off the Keto Diet without gaining all the weight back
In Just 10 days, I'll Walk You Through All 3 Phases 
to Avoid the Pitfalls and Maximize Results. This Challenge Is
Your Keto Diet Blueprint! 
More Praise For The Challenge...
here's what you'LL get in the challenge...
  • Live Video Training + Q&A ($197 value)
  • Keto Instructional Guide ($27 value)
  •  Workouts & Cardio ($97 value)
  • Keto Friendly Prizes ($197 value)
  • Pre and Post Keto Meal Plan ($67 value)
  • (2) Keto Meal Plans w/Recipes & Macros ($147 value)
  • Keto Shopping List ($17 value)
  • Keto Snack List to Curb Cravings ($17 value)
  • Daily Assignments, Recipes,  ($67 value)
  •  Keto Dessert & Snack Recipes w/Macros ($47 value)
4-Part Keto Livestream Series ($147 value) 
The Official Challenge Workbook ($27 value)
Challenge Facebook Group (priceless!)
Don't wait for the next challenge because it may be months from now, a bigger investment, and limited spots! Take advantage now...
The first time we did this challenge, we lost over 175 pounds!
But it was only possible because those ladies said YES to themselves and decided to go for it! 
ready to accept the challenge?
Let's Do THIS!
Your 10-Day Keto Kick Start Begins May 6th...
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