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Learn How Clean Keto Could Reset Your Metabolism and Help You  
Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days!

So, What Is the Ketogenic Diet?

In simple terms, it's a diet that gets most of its calories from fat and only a small number of calories from carbohydrates.

Really, there are 2 basic versions of Keto people end up following...

Clean or dirty.

The majority of people who try Keto end up doing it dirty because you can have processed foods like luncheon meats, bacon, and cheeses. 

During this challenge, I'm going to teach you the secrets of Competitor Clean Keto that I discovered during contest prep and training women for the stage that will accelerate your fat loss by 75% or more!**
What You Will Learn In The 7-Day Keto Challenge...
There are 3 important parts of the ketogenic diet; transitioning to keto, getting into ketosis, and adaptation. Most keto programs only focus on the diet and what foods you can and can't eat. The 7-Day Keto Kick Start will challenge your mind and body to get the best results possible! 
How The 7-Day Keto Challenge Can Help You...
  • Lose stubborn belly fat, drop inches, and pant sizes.
  • Get into ketosis (the fat burning zone) quicker.
  • Jump start your competitive fitness goals
  • Feel sexier and more confident than before. 
  • Cut sabotaging food cravings by up to 90%.
  • Enjoy fat loss without sacrificing hard earned muscle. 
  • Never have to starve yourself again to lose weight!
"I created this challenge because alot of woman want to try Keto but they think you have to eat a bunch of cheese and bacon for it to work. My program teaches Clean Keto which can boost your weight loss without affecting your overall healthy lifestyle. After taking the challenge myself, I lost 15 pounds and 3 inches off my waist!" - Kimberly Doehnert, IFBB Pro
"I wanted to learn more about keto from a healthy approach. One of my goals is to lean out. I have been building muscle for the last 12 months and now I want to see those results. Following the Keto Kick Start, I lost 6 pounds and 2% body fat!" - Morgan
What You'll Get In The 7-Day Keto Challenge... 
  • Detox Meal Plan to kick start ketosis
  • Keto Meal Plans with shopping lists
  • Daily video training and LIVE Q & A!
  • Daily fat burning workout for home or gym
  • Daily emails to walk you through keto
  • Keto overview & instruction guide
  • Guide to getting maximum results
  • Keto friendly food list
  • Keto snack list to curb cravings
  • Delicious keto recipes with macros
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Not only will you be able to lose 10 pounds or more in 7 days**, you'll get a chance to be chosen for a daily Keto Prize! These are awesome gifts that will help make following a ketogenic lifestyle easier!

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This 4-Part  Keto Livestream Series has over 2 hours of exclusive training that is no longer available anywhere else! You'll get a deeper knowledge base of Keto and how it affects various aspects of your fitness goals and lifestyle.

Bonus #4 - Socializing on Keto Guide ($47 value)

One of the biggest drawbacks people have to starting the ketogenic (keto) diet is managing social situations. In this guide, you will learn how to manage keto at home and when out with family & friends. 

Bonus #5 - 30-Day Facebook Group Access (priceless!)

You'll be part of our supportive community of up to 100 Keto Kweens who are excited to share this journey with you! In the group, expect daily chats, feedback, and helpful tips and resources. We can't wait to meet you, join us today!

Bonus #6 - Keto Meal Plan - Fasting Option ($27 value!)

For anyone who struggles to reach ketosis while on a keto diet, adding intermittent fasting may accelerate your weight loss. This meal plan includes macros, timing, recipes for every meal, and dessert!

Bonus #7 - Keto Approved Supplement List ($47 value!)

Get a detailed list of the best Keto approved training and nutritional supplements. You get pre-workout, post workout, fat loss, digestive, and other supplements to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.
What Happens After You Join?
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  • Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a "Welcome" email that will walk you through how to create your login and access the course portal. 
  • The 7-Day Keto Kick Start challenge will officially begin September 21, but you will get access immediately to many of the pre-challenge documents, videos, and Facebook Group!
More Praise For The 7-Day Keto Challenge...
Yes! I want to join the Challenge for $197 $97 and will get:
  • Detox Meal Plan 
  • ​5 Keto Meal Plans with Macros & Shopping Lists
  • 7-Daily Training Sessions (replays)
  • ​7-Daily Fat Burning Workouts & Circuits
  • 7-Daily emails to help you follow the kick start program
  • Step-by-Step Keto Instructional Guide
  • List of Keto Snacks
  • List of the Best Foods for Keto
  • Guide to Get Maximum Results​
  • 12 Delicious Keto Recipes with Macros
  • ​7 Bonuses worth over $600!
"Loved the Keto Kick Start!! Got my butt back in gear. Not only did it get rid of bloat (more still to go), but no more waking with headaches the entire challenge! That’s even better than the weight loss of 9 lbs and 2” off waist. Thanks so much Kimberly!" -Zola
Meet Your Keto Coach!

Hi, I’m Kimberly Doehnert, IFBB Pro and CEO of Fitness 4 Life Consulting Inc. My passion is helping people just like YOU get amazing results! This is where I share my experiences from 27 years working as a personal trainer and becoming a pro figure athlete so that you can reach your goals faster! Part teacher, part coach and part loving kick in the butt, I can help you achieve whatever health and fitness goals you put your mind to. And the best part, you’ll have fun all along the way.
**DISCLAIMER: All information provided on this website is strictly for entertainment purposes only and is to be viewed as such. Consult your doctor or health care professional before starting any diet or exercise program. Please be so advised and guided accordingly. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and what results you as a consumer can expect. One thing to  remember is that the individuals depicted on this site successes are not typical but resulted from their own determination and efforts. There is no implied or stated guarantees that you will achieve similar results. ​
*SPECIAL TERMS: The 7-Day Keto Kick-Start is a live challenge that runs from September 21-27, 2020. There are absolutely no refunds after joining. See below our "Sales and Refund Policy" for more details.

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