Stop Struggling With Your Diet!
Finally, You Can Have The Exact Diets Used By Top IFBB Pros to 
Build Lean Muscular Physiques  
That Dominate The Stage!
"I've come up with a system of mastering macros to work for any woman, no matter what her fitness goals are. These plans are flexible and easy to adjust based on the foods you want to eat. It's not a one size fits all kind of deal. Unfortunately, many ladies get caught up in a "diet cult" where everyone in the group is eating the same 1200 calories. Sometimes those cookie cutter plans leave you so hungry, you want to gnaw your arm off!

You deserve better. You deserve to build muscle and lose fat. You deserve to get in the best shape of your life. Figure and Bikini Diets is the blueprint you need to master your macros and finally get things moving again!" -Kimberly Doehnert, IFBB Pro
What you get in the diets...
  • Getting started guide that includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the diets.
  • 20 competitor meal plans from 1200-1900 calories including macro breakdown.
  • Online calculator link to pinpoint the right calories and macros needed for your fitness goals.
  • Food exchange list broken down by proteins, carbs, fats, and other macronutrients.
  • Formula for fat loss that reveals the calorie sweet spot for maximum results.
  • Vegan & vegetarian plans included that build muscle without sacrificing your lifestyle.
"The diets were easy to stick to for my bikini competition. 
am so happy with my results!" -Lenny
"The contest diets were sensible and balanced throughout the day to keep my energy up and workouts strong."
...Plus Get these 4 bonuses WORTh $197
  • 7-day carb cycling plan to bust through weight loss plateaus like a boss.
  • 12 delicious protein shake and dessert recipes that include macros. 
  • Printable tracking guide to calculate your weight loss "sweet spot." 
  • 3 high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuits with photo demonstrations. 
*Disclaimer: The information in this program was generated from scientific and medical research from various experts in the body building industry. I have several years of experience in researching, developing and following fitness and nutritional programs, and the information presented in this program is of my own personal and professional opinion and does not necessarily reflect those of other organisations, professionals, or government bodies. Any healthy, active adult can attempt this guide safely, however, the user should consult with their physician first, especially if any cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic symptoms exist, before following any nutritional and exercise programs in this program. The outcomes depicted in testimonials are no guarantee of future results using this program but are an indication of their personal effort and success. The user assumes all liability and risk associated with undertaking the suggested diets, supplements, and programs in this program.
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